Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Pure Effect Cleaning Services Ltd specialise in window cleaning for residential and Commercial properties in and around Shoreham by Sea area.

With years of experience, you can trust our team at Pure Effect Cleaning Services Ltd, to get your cleaning work done efficiently, on time and at competitive prices.

Our professionally trained staff will leave your windows spotless every time. Whilst cleaning the glass we clean the sills and frames to and because we use soft bristle brushes we remove all dirt and cobwebs. We provide a year-round service on a 4 or 8-weekly basis, but one off cleaning can also be arranged.

Premium Window Cleaning Services That Meet All Your Expectations

As our lightweight poles can extend up to 44ft high we can reach virtually all windows, velux and skylights from the safety of the ground. Those means we reduce the need for ladders and minimise the risk of damage to property. We uses 100% pure water which is purified in our van mounted system through a series of carbon and particle filters, then RO membrane and then finally through vessel.

The 100% pure water system is becoming the most popular method of window cleaning, the pure water dries naturally and makes windows sparkle without leaving smears.

Window cleaning

Benefits of window cleaning using Water Feed Pole System:

Our Staff work from safety of the ground

No damage to property from ladders

Value for money as we clean glass, frames and sills at the same time

Our van mounted system is environment friendly

We can reach windows up to 44ft high

Windows stay clean for longer as pure water doesn’t contain any residue for dirt to stick to

Window cleaning


First impressions are always important, both for your home and your business, and if you’ve not had your windows cleaned lately, we have some bad news for you:

It’s affecting your reputation! People are starting to notice. That’s right—even if you aren’t thinking about your windows, other people are.

Make sure that you’re scoring the right first impression every time. Whether you’re trying to keep up appearances in front of the neighbors or impress your customers, maintaining the cleanliness of your windows is a must.

Take it from us: we’ve had years of experience in the window-cleaning business and know just how much value properly-cleaned windows can add to the perceived value of your home or business.

If you’re overdue in cleaning your windows, don’t worry. Our comprehensive service will give your windows that see-through shine that they deserve. Our highly-trained staff of window cleaners has the tools, knowledge, and the experience necessary to make sure your windows turn out spotless every time. By using our reliable services, you can ensure that you’ll get a streak-free clean that will leave you impressed. You can save the time and the hassle of having to do all of the hard work yourself—because we’ll do it for you.

Why not do it yourself?

Let’s face it: if you’ve got any second or third-story windows, they can be a pain to reach and to clean. Even worse, the wrong cleaning practices can put your home, property, or even life in danger. For this reason, it’s important to hire an expert company to get the job done for you. In doing so, you can prevent the potentially-damaging cost of trying to clean your windows on your own. That’s where we come in.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning methods and tools make sure that your windows get the clean you need. With our Water Feed Pole System, we can clean windows up to 44 feet high using the power of natural water. The cleaning methods used by our cleaners don’t require the use of any harmful chemicals. Instead, we use an advanced water spraying system that can make sure that all of your windows are spotless.

Because we never have to leave the ground, there’s no risk of anyone getting hurt. Because we only use water, you don’t have to be afraid of getting any damage to your property, either. We clean glass, frames and sills at the same time. Want to find out more about how our window cleaning services can benefit your home or business?

When it comes to window cleaning, our local cleaning company is second to none.

Our highly skilled window cleaners ensure that your windows sparkle like never before.

To find out more, speak to our team today.  Give us a call! or fill in the form below.

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